Vicki zhao and alec su dating

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Since childhood, 17-year-old Li Er (Chen Duling) has been almost completely deaf in her left ear, the one that is closest to the heart and the most suitable for whispered words of love. STORY Dongshan county, Fujian province, southern China, 2005, early spring.Afterwards, however, Li Bala hears some shocking news from Heiren (Duan Bowen), a sleazy habitue of the Forget Me bar who’s always liked her, and tragedy ensues, with Li Er blaming Zhang Yang.Some time later, Li Er enrols at university in Shanghai, where she becomes friends with librarian Lin Lin (Bao Wenjing); meanwhile, Zhang Yang is studying in Beijing, supporting himself by selling clothing online.CREDITS Presented by Beijing Enlight Pictures (CN), Jiangsu Yilin Entertainment (CN), Shannan Enlight Pictures (CN), Shanghai Xuehe Media (CN). Just after finishing in Taipei wedding day Zelda "couple Wu Zhongtian and Yang Zishan in Sanya held a feast to thank Wang Zhonglei, Zhao Wei, Alec Su, Mark, and other friends coming to celebrate, in which Zhao Wei served as witnesses.Leo did not fancy the idea of a traditional Chinese banquet, and will just host an afternoon cocktail reception for the guests from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Vivian Chow, Louis Koo, Carlo Ng, Vicki Zhao, Ruby Lin, Alec Su, Joey Yung, Nicholas Tse and Raymond Lam are among the invited guests.When Zhang Yang and Li Bala have a fight, Li Er rescues her and the two women become friends, much to the displeasure of Xu Yi.Even though he is dating Jiang Jiao (Guan Xiaotong), a high-school student from a rich family, Zhang Yang finally goes to bed with Li Bala, who sees him as a ticket out of the sleepy seaside town.When asked on his wedding preparation, Leo said, “I am involved in the design of the invitation card, wedding cake card and venue. If time permits, I will design a bridal gown for her. She is a student at Tianyi High School, where she goes every day with her cousin, You Ta (Hu Xia), who secretly likes her.

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