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Both Pages and Posts have associated titles and content and the Look and Feel of the website will not change between the two.Decide if your current content needs editing or if you need to add new content to your site.This is a great time to recommend an editorial calendar revision and map out the remaining work on the project.The readiness analysis is an optional spreadsheet for a smaller project, but it is a necessity for larger ones.

But first, let’s be clear about what content strategy is.

I’m not advocating that my process is 100 percent perfect for every campaign, but it is a good launching point for you to use and adapt to your own clients and websites.

Your first step should define the roles of your team members who will review, evaluate and determine the scope of the project.

Introductory and preliminary phone calls are made to the client to get more insight into the problems your team is trying to solve.

This is a phase of discovery and learning about what the client is currently doing, what content they have and how it is being produced.

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