Submissive female dating

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It was a sense of ego-lessness, I no longer belonged to me; I belonged to him.” On the milder end of the continuum, it’s easy to add a little “spice” to standard fare—ribbons around wrists, plastic handcuffs, spanks and nipple pinching.

She has known since college that she can’t “get off without submitting,” she says.

“Don’t do anything you don’t want to do,” says San Jose psychotherapist Margaret Cochran. “You’ll become resentful and exhausted,” she predicts.

For some dominators like Mark, kink isn’t just extra, it’s essential.

If your feminist hackles are rising, it helps to know that men are into submission fantasies, too.

Sex therapists say that actual power-play sex, a step up from fantasy, doesn’t seem harmful, assuming appropriate health and safety precautions are taken. So if your goal is intense pleasure, you may consider some experimentation.

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