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I am eager to know more about US and it's culture (not only in the areas related to sex and relationships).

------------------------------------- can you explain me american culture in these situations? @sweet1993 It isn't necessarily "normal", but it is a kind of "norm" in America. Let me explain further: America is in itself a very sexualized country.I want to ask my question but I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask it or not. As I want to study in US, I decided to talk to american people in order to improve my speaking.until now I have had face to face conversation (with skype) with two american guys.I would advise against talking to guys on Skype, they will usually think that you are open to sexual advances and such.A side note: I have a Sjype account and we can chat if you prefer.n @Sketches Scribbles you mean sex is not a taboo in US?

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