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And when Hillary Clinton was in town to promote her autobiography, Rover sent picketers with signs reading "Cheat on Bill With Rover." In short, he serves up sacred cows like he's a one-man Mc Donald's. Moments ago, he was an affable guy, quick to smile and a bit shy, showing little trace of his bawdy on-air persona. After kids were arrested for stun-gunning homeless people in August, Rover dispatched Duji to pay vagrants and a hot meal if they agreed to be shocked on air.He starts playing catch with another deejay who happens to be passing through, but the game isn't challenging enough.So Rover decrees that they can use only their left hands.Rover blends in with his fans -- who are almost universally young, white, and male -- like a real-life Where's Waldo?"He's a guy's guy," says Jeff Miller, who oversees sales for 92.3. " The collar and leash are photo-shoot props, but the anal-rape fantasy is all Rover's. He wears a ringer T, cargo shorts, and a Cubs cap to cover his thinning hair. He's the kind of guy who reminds everyone of someone they knew in high school.

" Rover, the morning-show host for WXTM-FM 92.3 Xtreme Radio, is on all fours, his neck wrapped in a leather collar connected to a leash. He's so immersed in his role, acted out on a sidewalk outside the station's Huron Road studio, that he barely notices two burly construction workers gawking as they lumber past. " yells Duji, Rover's co-host, who is holding the leash like she's Lynndie England at Abu Ghraib. Rover strains at the end of the leash, the collar digging into his neck and leaving angry red welts on his skin, as Duji frantically tries to restrain the madman -- the same role she plays on the show. The unremarkable looks seem odd for a man so intent on attracting attention.Dieter's job is to take listener calls, but he'll do anything to get on the air.(He once smoked his own feces.) He has a suggestion for an on-air conversation: "Guys yank their own lederhosen and it's not considered gay.Basically, you're rewarding the girl who gives the best blowjob.The prize would be kneepads and a bottle of Scope." The description invokes images of listeners with their pants around their ankles. Next up is Dieter, a muscled, handsome jock, whom Rover chides for being the archetypal gym rat: vain, stupid, and prone to 'roid rages.

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