My boss is intimidating

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It's easier to operate outside your comfort zone if your boss is someone who pushes you there, i.e. In that vein intimidation — and wanting to impress someone — can be a powerful motivator.

Thanks to his intimidating lady boss, John became a better communicator and a more honest person.

"Toward the end I was more willing to speak up and had the courage to flourish at the harder parts of my job," he said.

"I think that lack of complacency improved me as a person because it was the first time I had to work really hard to impress someone."The key to a fulfilling job, he said, is to grow as an employee.

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What is the psychology, what are the symptoms, what are the traits and behaviors of intimidated bosses?Try as he might, he has had no success in figuring out a phenomenon he has regularly ran into in his life.Normally if he sits down and ponders things he can figure it out, but not this one.Female bosses have good reason to develop behavior patterns that their subordinates might find intimidating.It's a well-documented fact that although women make up a little more than half (52 percent) of the American labor force, they hold far fewer leadership positions — only 14.6 percent of executive officers, 8.1 percent of top earners, and 4.6 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs.

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