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The lady may say that she doesnt care if the man is handsome or wealthy....just want to be loved! I also spent three times up to 200 USD for nothing $$$!!! of those Goegeous Girls was available, "sorry I am not here now, I am in a way to other trip to another town", common :-((( all are busy suddenly right???I have been to China 5 times in the last 3 years and still chat with dozens. Even a common lady wants to find a handsome guy that will be able to afford a home. I have a paragraph made to copy and paste so I only have to be charged more than 2 of my free credits. all of these after some plannified dating, fixed from above!When i asked each one for a "real" picture, they all used similar excuses why they couldn't send one. I am still aiming for that one day when I'll meet my perfect match here. I am talking about am China time on a Sunday morning their time. Think about it, if the girl was as interested as they say they would communicate via personal emails, not the site. Heck, I looked at a few attached photos in the mails I received (they were mostly the same pics I could view in the profiles) and found out that each time 20 credits were deducted! Pretty sure the woman I was chatting with may not have been the woman in the profile.

It seemed strange though theres were so many beautiful Asian woman with large breasts and almost nill on the small size (and I looked because I like small). All pictures have been professionally done some wearing same clothes and shoes. Its fake It is unbelievable to see a 5-star review on Romancetales. A lot of these photos are just unreal and unrealistic.Common Guys, I hope You got the Point, I am thinking seriously about how stupid and naive We can be sometimes just for thinking about (.x.)... $$$$...think twice before put your money in their pocket, but finally it will be just your own decision believe me or not.You are not allowed to communicate with the ladies outside the site.About 8.5yrs ago i began an online rekationship with an adorable chinese gal 45yrs old.i was 6061 i went to china on a student visa to study kungfu.after 3months at school i got permission to go see this lady.i spent almost 26hrs on a hard wooden seat slow train to i was toughened up from was a tough met me at the did not look anything like the adorable pics i saw of her but it was soon as we got to hotel room she was naked and ready to go for it.i was taken aback somewhat and even further aback when i saw that big tattoo of lips from the rolling stones album with the tongue out.3days later i got a huge hotel bill and had enough of this woman who was not sweet and adorable but found everything i did put a frown on her face.i returned to my school unhappy. THEY AIRBRUSH THESE CHINESE DOLLS TO THE MAX.needless to say i moved forward.a nice young chinese man tgat befriended me asked if i still wanted to meet a nice traditional chinese a long story short i am married almost 5yrs to a great chinese gal.13 yrs my junior.i am 69gotta go to china.i stayed there 2yrs studying kungfu gettin to know my gal.i had to get 4operations when i got back from all the damage to my body from 2yrs of kungfu in was worth every stitch.these girls are awesome but boys it aint what it is in the real gotta know ur to the mainland is not need letters of me at [email protected] you want advice about goin to china Sorry boys, the facts.. I like the fact that Romancetale doesn't promise people to find wives or husbands like some other services.When I read about the site, it says that it provides communication with men and women fro M all over the world and thats what I was looking for.

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