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Faux baubles Faux Chinese dish Faux cough Faux fat Faux gold Faux meat base Faux pa? Fauvism founder Fauvist painter Dufy Fauvist painter Henri Faux Faux 'fro?Alternatives to War with Iraq: This website of the Joan B. Bryan Hehir argues that a war against Iraq would not satisfy just war norms. Mc Elroy Part I and Part II: good treatment from 2007 about how just war norms should now apply to the conflict in Iraq. Mc Elroy gives particular attention to the criterion of proportionality and how advocates for the war now use it in ways they avoided before the war. It also says that while hurting Assad helps his enemies, some of those groups are U. It was ratified by the United States Senate in 1994, and contains a definition of torture in Article 1.Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame offers links to online articles on politics & strategy, ethical concerns, and background on the sanctions against Iraq. Hunanitarianism": an excellent article by Michael Massing from The Nation in which he carefully weighs the difficulties and the values involved in going to war with Iraq "Moral Clarity in a Time of War": a lecture by George Weigel in which he makes the case that war with Iraq meets Catholic just war principles. In particular, he looks at issues relating to proportionality and the issue of preventive violence (military preemption). Various statements by the United Stated Council of Catholic Bishops on the war in Iraq. Foreign Policy: article from June, 2014, which presents various statements made by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops about going to war in 2003 and how to understand that war's aftermath "Path of destruction in Iraq began in 1991": an editorial from the National Catholic Reporter about the legacy of violence in Iraq, the persecution of Christians there, and recent statements by Pope Francis that it is licit to stop an unjust aggressor Editorial from Commonweal Magazine opposing military strikes: The article explains the many 'known unknowns' that would follow a U. Torture is a Moral Issue: A Catholic Study Guide: a 2008 study guide prepared by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops which articulates the Church's teaching about the dignity of all and then goes on to explain the problem with torture and the need to uphold to Christ's teaching about love of enemy in an age of terrorism.

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The author raises the question of why this act tends to stand out as an atrocity when much killing of innocent civilians routinely goes on in war.

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Voices in the Wilderness: a group of teachers, social workers, authors, health care professionals, tradespeople, and church workers (including Bishop Thomas Gumbleton of Detroit) dedicated to ending the economic sanctions against the people of Iraq The bishops and Iraq: a letter from September 13, 2002 from Bishop Wilton Gregory, president of the United States Council of Catholic Bishops, to President George Bush.

The letter applied Catholic just war principles to urge that the United States step back from the brink of war.

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