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We have observed update times range from fewer than 5 seconds to more than 30 seconds.

Administrators should read the release notes a given update comes with to determine its impact and applicability.

Using the Health Service to roll-out firmware across a cluster is very simple and involves the following steps: At this point, the Health Service will inspect and parse the xml and identify any drives that do not have the desired firmware version deployed.

It will then proceed to re-direct I/O away from the affected drives – going node-by-node – and updating the firmware on them.

If the firmware has been previously validated and a quicker roll-out is desired, these default values can be modified from days, to hours or minutes.

Here is an example of the supported components xml for a generic Storage Spaces Direct cluster: If you would like to see the Health Service in action and learn more about its roll-out mechanism, have a look at this video: https://channel9com/Blogs/windowsserver/Update-Drive-Firmware-Without-Downtime-in-Storage-Spaces-Direct Also see Troubleshooting drive firmware updates.

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