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Not to mention a push and pull that was impossible to look away from.

Camden and Riley were undeniably tangible, living out their story in the real world where twenty-somethings go to basketball games and drink beer at the local pub.

Although definitely a light read, there was plenty of depth and intrigue built into Camden and Riley’s story.This couple came across as comfortable and familiar, allowing me to invest myself in them wholeheartedly.While Riley and Camden were easy to relate to and fun to explore, what I loved most about them was their understated complexity and genuine feelings.Like perhaps there needed to be more conflict or just angst. They are both at a basketball game and happen to be sitting next to each other. Between meddling ex-girlfriends, an evil (well somewhat) stepfather, this book has it all!Camden’s emotions were all there for you to see, I loved that about him! ” that’s one question that makes Camden my new book boyfriend. I laughed (out loud) quite a few times, I experienced an increase heart rate and just had the feel goods throughout the book. Anie Michaels has me totally hooked on Camden and Riley!

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