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The exhibition, which closed on August 13, 2017, was the 82-year-old Field's third retrospective, honoring her long, productive career., this exhibition was perhaps Field's most personal and revealing to date, based on the anecdotal notations beside each work, which place the images within a memoir-like context.

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The impact of increasing large conglomerate publishing houses and the Internet revolution have both changed the playing field.

There was intense preparatory work before we even arrived at the conference.

As The Writer's Hotel website notes, this is the only writers' conference with a preconference manuscript reading and consultation built into the programming, with writers receiving and comments and edits before the conference begins.

"We were swamped as soon as our press started to grow …

Since January of 2017, our submission program, which is run by Submittable, has received almost 200 book submissions," says Cummings, noting that GWP is still a relatively small press, publishing around 10 to 15 titles per year. " Has anyone ever said that to you after hearing about your life experiences? Many of us have thought of writing down these stories, whether for family or for posterity or for ourselves.

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