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Also, anyone using dollar signs in their po$ts are also prostitutes.

So if it says something like "Looking For Nice Guy$" you’d best move on, unless you’re willing to get your wallet out, and also run the risk that the ad is bait for a sting operation.

Don't expect success on your first try, your second or your twentieth. In the meantime, there are plenty of us gay guys on M4M who might be happy to take care of your needs. We live in an age of abbreviated words and phrases, mostly due to the wonderful world of the internet, which is still something "new", I don't care how many of you kids grew up with it.

Anyway, no place on earth exemplifies this culture of abbreviation more than the Craigslist personals section, or the "Casual Encounters" section. Having a picture on there is really important, as a lot of people filter out the submissions without photos.

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Also, anyone looking for "Tina" or wanting to party with "Tina" -that's just another word for meth.So I was just curious if anybody from POF has tried it and has it worked? Not to sure if that really is a good place to look for a date or not.Well as for me i have never tried to meet anyone off of there. Have checked out a couple of the ads on there, but none that appealed to me. Regarding the fact that it's free to post on CL - well, it's free to post an ad on almost all sites. My personal opinion is that posting on a different sites hoping to reach a "new" set of singles is usually an illusion but hey, could not hurt to post on CL if you feel like it. I've posted new adds and the same people contact me (which I'm not interested in) Some just love to reply with mean messages. ) Maybe I'm just worn out with the whole dating thing!I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but most women actually looking for sex on Craigslist (from everyone I know who's actually met up with one) really aren't the type to socialize beyond a certain point or even know to look (or groom) past a certain... I'm not saying it is impossible to meet an attractive woman on CL, I suppose if you keep trying it'll eventually happen.But same goes with meeting anyone you'll find attractive in pretty much any situation.

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