Dating sagittarius man tips

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The Sagittarius guy or gal is friendly, and have a social curiosity that makes them seem possibly more interested in you than they are. Sagittarians have quirky tastes, that show a lot of variety.If they are interested, they'll let you know by asking you out on more dates.In physical relations, the Archer can take a questing attitude to sex that makes them restless for variety.They'll be bored by routine or passivity in the bedroom.If you're open to learning and having adventures, that goes far with Sagittarius.They want to have a traveling companion, with whom they can share what they've discovered.By all means, share your latest thread of fascination. Sagittarians bring their lust for life into the bedroom.They're enthusiastic lovers, that don't always see emotional strings attached to what they're doing.

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This makes getting to know them tricky at first since they're quick and aloof, and very non-committal.

And when the time is right, many are up for enduring love.

But for some, it may just be a physical act that's pleasurable, and not signify any deepening of the relationship.

If you're too rigid about plans, this can irritate the Archer.

Sagittarius embodies the spirit in motion that defines the fire signs.

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