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Sure, there are dating sites specifically designed for bisexual women, but they do not have the reach or the users of other, more well-known sites, and frankly, they tend to alienate gay women and straight men.

Because, like many other bi girls, I am attracted to gay women and straight men, I want that exposure.

The result was that the majority of apps have a similar core/static experience and they look and behave in a similar way.

You get the same list of guys, with the same pattern in a slightly different packaging and features.

Unlike other dating apps, Hookd will work on a real-time basis, mimicking social media news feeds.

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Hookd aims to put an end to such security problems.We are offering a completely new way, as our slogan says, disengaging from past models, creating a new, much more relevant approach.We're quickly building a community and invite guys to sign up and get HOOKD.How come no one has done something like this by now?It's often occurred to me that these platforms would be much better if they had those feature Grindr introduced the concept of sorting user's profiles based on proximity, and it worked for them and made them very popular, so other developers “embraced” that concept and either targeted a specific sub-group of users (Fetish, Bears, etc.) or aimed to make a 'better Grindr' with more features.

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