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During Visiting Day, Tris introduces Four to her mom, Natalie Prior.

Natalie comments that Four looks familiar to her, though Four dismisses it, saying he doesn't care to be associated with Abnegation.

Tris goes through his fear landscape, and finds out his true identity.

She protects him from Marcus when he shows up in his landscape, preventing him from hitting Four with a belt as he usually did.

Four surprises Tris, as well as the rest of the group, by choosing her as his first team member.Soon after, she's attacked by Peter, Drew, and Al, when they try to throw her into the chasm.Four hears her screams and rescues her, severely injuring Drew in the process. Four shows the transfers the fear landscape room, where they'll try to conquer their fears as their final test.Four climbs with her, and Tris later realizes he has a fear of heights.They're able to climb high enough to find the other team's flag, but on the way down, Tris loses her footing and is dangling in midair.

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