Consolidating data from multiple workbooks in excel

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It automatically selects the same range so long as each subsequent worksheet has the same layout (i.e., the table begins at the same cell as ours at ‘B2’). In this, we got a single table that shows the sum for all tables being consolidated.Note, that this consolidated table only contains static values.

There is one master file (or sheet) which needs to be consolidated by pulling data from multiple source files containing raw data (having the same data structure). If you are new to VBA, Excel macros, go thru these links to learn more. It is as simple as adding a new worksheet and selecting a cell, say ‘B2’.Like before, click on ‘Consolidate’ in the ‘Data Tools’ selection of the ‘Data’ tab. Now you need to select the range that includes the column headers and row labels. Select last Row = Last Row In One Column(str Start Cell Col Name) Cells(last Row 1, 1). Paste Special xl Paste Values, xl Paste Special Operation None Application. We start by assigning the workbook where we want to consolidate the date to the variable current WB by using the statement: After this a looping construct has been used to go through all the inputs provided one by one and open the workbooks, it has been assumed these workbooks to contain on the data that we need to copy hence I did not specify the source sheet name, however this can be easily added to this code to add more functionality. The current code will display a message box when it is not able to open any file and will stop.

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