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She tells James Guttman how honored she is to be able to do that and how supportive TNA has always been of her musical aspirations.

From standing by the side of Erik Watts to interviewing a midget in a trashcan offering her “porridge”, Goldy Locks has been a part of some unforgettable moments in TNA.

If he had such a problem with me and thought that I sucked so bad, I wish he would have had some balls and came up to me and said, “Hey, you suck” or “you can’t do anything in the ring” or “this is awful, let me show you how to do it better” or “let me teach you something”. From the background story behind her famous midget trash can segment to crazy fans thinking she genuinely was dating Watts to the shocking case of being sexually harassed early on, she shies away from no subject.

As Guttman points out, during the trash can interview segment on TNA, she stated, “When my music career takes off, I am so out of here.” Meant as a joke, it had a ring of truth because when she was done with TNA, she continued music as opposed to going up to WWE – something many fans and Club members assume is the usual next step. Maybe to be a manager over there or to be an interviewer, but I started to get the point where people – like Vince (Russo) and Jeff (Jarrett) – said, “Once you enter the wrestling business, you’ll always end up in the ring.” You know what?

Her latest video for “It’s a Sure Great Day For a Wedding” is already creating a buzz and she tells Club members about the very personal feelings behind it. (laughs) I would marry into something really special and spectacular. He brought me out at the Grand Ole Opry and introduced me to everybody as “this is the woman I’m going to spend my life with” and I was really getting into it. So I came up with this idea that I wanted to give this song away free as a free download for everyone who is getting married or going to a bachelorette party or bachelor party.” Goldy’s song is up on her site and also on Youtube.

“That story is that I was dating a pretty famous country artist in town who comes from really amazing lineage and stock. I wrote this song, “It’s a Sure Great Day For a Wedding”, and I spoke to his mom. You can hear it yourself on Goldy or directly on Youtube at:

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