Adault peer to peer chat room

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This service is offered free of charge though there are some restrictions: Appointments will run no longer than 1.5 hours, and must be made in advance.We do not under any circumstances offer presentation critiques on a drop-in basis.The Centre does not edit take-home exams, perform any other exam preparation, or correct the argument or flow of a paper.Students are also limited to one appointment per week and we will only edit a paper We offer a presentation critique service where students can practice their presentation in front of one of our trained volunteers and get feedback from an impartial observer on their performance.

The phone line is staffed by certified volunteers with extensive training from the Distress Centre of Ottawa and Region in active listening, call management, crisis intervention, suicide intervention, and limits and boundaries.Some of these obstacles include insufficient social support, community and domestic violence, and peer pressure.One of the most effective ways to establish supportive relationships that provide adolescents with the care and encouragement needed to surmount these obstacles is through school-based mentoring.Additionally, a phone line allows students to maintain complete anonymity if they so desire.The Peer Support Phone Line provides help and information to students facing everything from homesickness and academic stress to a wide variety of personal circumstances such as abuse, sexual identity confusion, family dynamics, and crisis situations.

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