Accomodating temperamental characteristics

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Fast forward, I don't know why I tried it again recently, first the new Eau Premiere and a week later the EDP, both times on the back of my neck and on my wrists and so it happened. Yes, it still has that vintage vibe, this is undeniable, but it really is extremely feminine, elegant and abstract at the same time.It is hard to describe as I really can't pick single flower notes, only the aldehydes in the beginning and then something really beautiful, warm and alluring in the following hours. It has to be a skin scent, something that only people very close to you can perceive, other than that it can be obnoxious and repel people, especially men.The second step to appreciation was ten years ago when the first Eau Premiere came out.

The first bottle was designed by Chanel herself and represents her classical principle – the less is more.I think every perfumes-lover should test it and retest through the years; sometimes understanding a meaning, what someone wanted to tell us, it's just a matter of life-experience. I also have to say that none in my family or circle of relatives used to wear N5, so I have no "old lady" association with this scent.This to say that I'm not biased, for me it has always been a question of I like it or I don't. When I was a girl, and then a young woman, I came across some samples that I tried on myself.And this is my major complain, yes, the very inflated prices, and I guess that what you pay for is the image and the prestige.To conclude, I don't know if it is my taste that has developed and I have started appreciating aldehydes, or if it is something hormonal that changed with the years, or if it is that through the many reformulations the scent has been adapted to a more contemporary taste, or a little bit of everything, anyway I like it now and I very much enjoy wearing it when I feel like.

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