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Home Office officials say they are unable to use dental checks to verify the age of child refugees because such tests require parental consent.

It means that because the 'children' are unaccompanied, it is in effect impossible to obtain such permission.

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Unless the refugee appears 'significantly' over 18, they should be 'afforded the benefit of doubt'.

On medical tests, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health guidance states 'age determination is extremely difficult to do with certainty because it is an inexact science'.

Asked if Prime Minister Theresa May had 'faith' in the age verification being carried out, her official spokeswoman said: 'There are a whole range of checks in place which the Home Office and Border Force are using in cooperation with partners.' Mr Straw said there was also a problem with the number of economic migrants pretending to be refugees and said the best way to deal with the migrant crisis is to house them nearer to their country of origin.'What I would say to those supporting increase in numbers of refugees to come to this country is this.His decision to flee the country was prompted not by the Taliban but because as a leading supporter of a brutal Islamist warlord – and an officer in his private army – he was afraid of the US and UK-backed Northern Alliance.Hezb-e Islami was blamed for much of the terrible death and destruction of that period and was accused of appalling human rights abuses, including the assassination of intellectuals and throwing acid in women's faces.The catch 22 situation means there is no way to verify the ages of child refugees coming to Britain unless they have papers including their personal details.Meanwhile, Tory MP David Davies Analysis of his picture by Microsoft's face recognition program How Old Do I Look?

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